How to Clean your Dogs Ears

Cleaning your dogs ears is very important if you want to reduce the possibility of an ear infection and excess wax build up. You should have a cleaning routine and do your own home check ups to detect any potential infections on your dogs ears.

If you detect soon the problem your pet can have a prompt treatment and reduce any possibility of a chronic disease and hearing loss.

So how do you know if your dog has an ear infection

First you need to be aware of your dogs behavior and physical health. If you detect any abnormal behavior you should check what problem it has.

Possible symptoms

like redness in the ear, sensitivity, pain around the ears, ears swelling, odor on the ear, masses around the ear.

Prevent ear infections

You should clean your dog ears regularly to prevent his ears from getting an infection or disease. Start by choosing a mild ear cleaner for pets, avoid alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

There are various cleaners, some break up wax while others dry the ear canal.

Prepare your dog

First your pet should have proper grooming, remove excess dirt and hair from the ear area. Heavy moist ear flaps and excessive hair will reduce air flow to the ear, which makes was and other debris to build up.

Its good to have a dedicated professional groomer for your pet.

How to clean your pets ears

Once your dog is properly cleaned and groomed, remember to be gentle, because ear canals are sensitive and aggressive cleaning can cause damage.

Get an ear flap and dribble a small amount of a cleaning solution to the ear. While the solution drips deep in to the ear canal, massage the base of your dogs ear for 20 seconds. You may hear the solution squish around while you massage in the inner ear.

Once you finish let your pet shake to get the soft wax out of the ear canals. Use clean cotton to wipe out and up the canal, removing any cleaning solution and wax you see.

Top Tips to Train your Dog

We all love dogs and is one of the best pets anyone can have, they are very friendly, lovely and they are cute, but they can become a mess if you dont train it properly, here are some tips to train your dog:

Listen to your dog

If you dog is not comfortable with other dog, dont insist. Always try to understand when your dog is not in the mood or comfortable with something.

Be Affective

Dont just get made when he does wrong things, also tell him when he does good things, give him affection.

Does her like it?

Some dogs are very especial about what they like to eat, dont force him, learn to know what he likes.

Tell him what you want him to do

Dont just tell him no, instead tell him what to do exactly, he wont understand a no, but he wont understand what he should do instead.

Be consistent

If you want him to learn an order you have to be consistent, if you tell him off the coach and another family member tells him down, he wont learn it, you have to be consistent and he will eventually get it.

Have realistic expectations

Changing your dog behavior takes time and you have to be patient, it wont happen overnight.

Feed high quality food

Give your dog the apropiate proteins

Those are just a few very simple dog training tips that you can follow and you will eventually help him understand what he should do and what he should not do. Dont just yell at him, also reward him and you will see how your dog learns your commands.  Any pet requires affection and time, treat your dog with respect and he will be much more inclined at doing what you want.

Tips to Keep your House Clean when you own a Cat

Do you love pets? Do you own a Cat? Well you may love your cat and like play with him and its a great companion, but not even all that love can keep you sane when you can keep up with all the mess cats leave behind around your house.

If it feels like you are spending all your free time cleaning your cats mess then i want to give you some very helpful tips that will make your life easier.

Litter Box

Find a good place for your Litter Box, it can be the least pleasant of a cat. If the cat is a disaster you can end up with more mess ouside the box than on it.

It is recommended that you place the box on hard flooring and not on carpet. It is much easier to clean tile, linoleum and wood floors. Cleaning on bare floors its easier, sweep up the escaped liter and sanitieze the floor often.

Some kitty owners put the litter box in the tub in a spare bathroom. Its also a good idea to buy a litter mat that you can put under the liter box, with 6 inches exposed in front of the box.

Cats Blankets

You should give your kitty his own blankets, cover the reas where the cat likes to snooze either your couch, bed, etc. This will help to reduce the cat hair that collects on your beddings and furniture. You can later clean the blankets with a lint roller or with your hand help vacuum. Another option is just to use the washing machine.

Comb your Cat

Set aside a few minutea a day to comb or brush your kitty, just 5 or 10 minutes brushing her coat. It helps to cut down on the amount of fur he deposists around the house. You also help you improve her coat with your daily brushing.

Handheld Vacuum

It is a good idea to invest in a handheld vacuum, that way you wont have to drag your canister vacuum from the closet every single day, you just grab your little handheld vacuum and do quick pickups of cat hair, litter or food on the floor.

Dust Often

When you own pets its important that you dust often, it is a fact that we cant avoid that cats and stray litter can quickly take over your living space. Just  do a weekly vacuuming schedule habit to keep your house clean.

You can do the cleaning your self or you can also hire someone, if you have a carpet you have to be careful and you will need to vacuum often, it is a good idea to hire a carpet cleaning service in your area once a month or two months so the can help you out.

Cleaning your House Tips for Pet Owners

pethousecleanHaving a pet its something wonderful, either a cat or a dog its a great feeling to have a friend at home, however having a pet at home means that you will have to clean their dirt and poo.

Thats why its important that you follow some simple tips that will make your life easier with your pet and keeping your house clean.

Dog Hair

One of the greatest problems with a dog is their hair, animal hair can spread everywhere in the house floors, futniture and clothing. Just place an old towel where your dog likes to rest and every now and then shake it outside to remove most of the hair before tossing it in the washing machine. It also help to do grooming regularly to your pet.

Pet Hair on Floors

If you want to remove your dog hair from your carpet you need to vacuum many times a week using full suction. You should use a vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air filter. But you should use an electrostatic mop on wood and other hard floors.

How to deal with hair on clothes and Upholstery

You should use a tape roller on clothing, just loop a ribbon through the handle and hang one from the doorknob inside closets. To clean your furniture just sue the vacuum upholstery tool.

How to keep your paws clean

keep a towel and a shallow container filled with room temperature water by your door. Once the walk with your dog is over, dip each of the paws in the water, dry them off and let the dog go.


You have to treat stains quickly. Dog urine on carpets can alter permanently the dye. Remove residue with a knife. Blot fresh stains with a clean white cloth. Once you have absorbed enough moisture, apply a solution of one quarter of teaspoon clear dishwashing liquid mixed with one cup of tepid water.

Safe Upholstery

You should look for furniture with top grain , semi aniline leathers, because it resists tearing , repels hair, can be cleaned easily, also scratches are siguised on such pieces because the hide is dyed.

How to protect your surfaces from puppy scratches

You should trim dog nails regularly. Dogs scratch doors to get your attention and go outside, cover the area with a plexiglas sheet as wide as the door and as tall as the space from floor  todoorknob.

Those are some very important tips that you should follow to keep your house clean from your pets. Its lovely to have a pet, but it can get messy, so just follow those simple tips.